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good afternoon. we begin with some unexpected drama this morning at a local campus on the first day of classes. there was a gas leak on the hayward campus of cal state university east bay. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us now to explain what happened and how it could have been ch worse. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. the situation definitely could have been worse but windy conditions saved firefighters from having to evacuate buildings and upgraded to a very serious gas break. now, i want you to take a look now. you can pg&e crews still working out here this afternoon. they'll be working the rest of the afternoon to repair the 2- inch plastic gas line break. crews clamped down on the pipe and shut off the leak about a half hour ago. >> they are safe. nobody hurt. they should all be able to attend their classes. >> reporter: crews alerted
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police and fire and they arrived. we're told the fire department was not worried about the possibility of an explosion. by the time the wind carried the leaking gas into the atmosphere, the gas became too weak to ignite. the fire department did not have to evacuate since many students were already heading to class when the break was noticed and the wind was in their favor. >> the university does contain about 14,000 students. they were already self- evacuating from the storms, which are right next to us, they were up wind, away from the situation, but most of the students had already made it to campus safely. >> certainly, no classes have been cancelled. classes are going as planned and as scheduled. and it's just been very inconvenient for a number of people. >> reporter: newschopper2 shows
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the campus from above and where crews were working a few hours ago. the spokesperson for the university says if students were late or did not make it to clues, students would not be dropped from their classes if they were unable to attend. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. the cleanup effort at the site of the recent san bruno pipeline disaster is making slow but steady progress. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us now to explain what's being done there today. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. crews with insurance companies just began hauling out debris from burnedout vehicles about a half hour ago and tomorrow workers with san mateo county will be here to finish up. all morning long crews have been hosing down the area with water to prevent the
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potentially toxic dust from kicking up. one really big concern is that the rain could wash toxins into runoff into the san francisco bay. so they've covered storm drains with sandbags. not only are people here bracing for the physical cleanup but the emotional cleanup. >> yes. something keeps drawing me back. it's been on my mind. >> reporter: mike says he's taking pictures to bring himself closure. >> i just wanted to reconstruct it in -- in my own mind, and give myself some peace of mind because i've been thinking about it a lot. >> reporter: the 58-year-old spent more than half of his life working for the berkeley fire department and is now retired. he happened to be at his parents' house just blocks from where the pipeline ruptured, killing seven people. >> and i dragged her over to my truck, eached up -- opened up
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the backseater backseat door and put her in there and drove off. >> reporter: he rescued a badly burned 83-year-old woman from the fire who is now recovering at san francisco general hospital. the fire has taken an emotional toll on everyone in the glenview neighbor. the neighborhood has psychologists to help them deal with the aftermath. >> i'm a little bit on edge. when i hear a siren, it kind of makes me think what's going on? and the last couple of days there's been a ton of sirens here going off. >> reporter: charred vehicles still line the streets. residents say they are try of looking -- tired of looking at the ash and rubble. in about an hour there will be a meeting at the san bruno rec center to help those with insurance needs. also, there is a picnic for families affected by this disaster this saturday. we'll bring you more information about this later in the week. as far as the cleanup process
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-- [ no audio ] >> we apologize for the technical problems there at the end. we have additional information that we want to tell you on the san bruno disaster. the san mateo county coroner's office has confirmed the deaths of three more people, they are gregory bullis, his mother lavonne, and his son william. they were identified through dna testing at the state department dna laboratory in richmond. this officially brings the death toll from the san bruno pipeline explosion to seven. for the second time in two weeks, some pleasant hill residents are dealing with a water main break. the latest break was first reported at 7:0 at morllo and kiki drive. crews have been working nonstop but repairs will not be finished until some time this
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evening. the job is taking a locker time because they are replaceing the pipe as well. >> also crews were working overnight in order to provide service to all of the customers. >> about 40 customers lost their water service when the pipe burst but that service has since been restored. streets were temporarily closed right after the break and there could be more lane reductions as crews finish up the job today. today, president obama is reassuring a skeptical american public about the benefits of his healthcare reform. he weak from a virginia to highlight those who have been helped by this reform. among them, free preventive care like mammograms and
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cholesterol screening, coverage for young adults on their parents' health plan until age 26 and coverage for people -- coverage for people when they get sick. >> this is something we could not ignore. we could not ignore it because the cost of healthcare has been escalating faster than just about anything else. >> other big changes such as the requirement to have health insurance and the creation of purchasing pools don't kick in until 2013. even though it was passed months ago a new "associated press" poll reveals 40% are opposed to this and 0% are in favor. democrats -- 30% are in favor. democrats are hoping as that he lorne more about the law that -- learn more about the law that that will grow. grief counselors are on
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hand after a 17-year-old student was gunned down. police say the unidentified boy was shot and killed around 6:30 last night in the 1200 block of macarthur boulevard. no arrests have been made. investigators do not know what led to the shooting. life academy held an assembly this morning to let students discuss their classmates' death. a san jose police officer is being investigator is being investigated for threatening the teenaged boyfriend for having decks with his -- sex with his daughter. he went to the home and put him in handcuffs. >> we are looking at the totality of the circumstances and that's why we're condition ducting a criminal --
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conducting a criminal investigation. >> the officer's attorney released a statement saying the officer was invited to use scare tactics and there were no objections at the time from the parents. the officer's been paid on -- put on paid leave since the incident. not a drive-through business but a car ended up on the side of the store. summer, officially ends tonight on a chilly note. meteorologist, steve paulson, will tell us more about how long the temperature drop will  last. also -- >> i understand the importance of communityies. >> and how one bay area woman is doing her work in the city. ret ma oilwi totr wco l wcotiie
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a woman is recovering after her car smashed through an auto parts store on jackson street at mission boulevard. firefighters rescued the driver and rushed her to the hospital.
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the extent of her injuries are not known or why she crashed into the store. the windows are boarded up and the store is open for business. a police chase in richmond involving a stolen car ended in a fiery crash. police say the suspects crashed around 8:0 last night. one suspect -- 8:30 last night. one suspect was taken to the hospital. the other was arrested. the crash damaged a mini mini- mart. the national transportation group reports that 6% of the roads of the san jose metro area were in poor condition in 2008, beating out los angeles, where 63% of the roads were in need of the repair. drivers we spoke to had their own stories of bad roads. >> i was driving down here on tully road before they fixed it, okay, and i went in -- there was a hole in the street.
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and my front end was just smashed in. i needed to get an alignment. >> the concord area was number four on the nation's worst record list for 2008 followed by richmond. 24% nationwide were in poor condition. the worst roads in the san jose metro area were highway 85 at highway 87, white road and the tully road area. a house committee is hearing testimony from a panel of experts on the department of homeland security aresponse -- homeland security's response -- >> if this was the "deepwater horizon," we would have the storage capacity of 1.5 billion barrels. he and his brother created the
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new technology they say can separate the border. lawmakers want to find ways to future prevent oil rig disasters. this week, ktvu and our parent company, cox ent prices are bringing you -- enterprises are bringing you people who are making a difference. today, bill martin introduces us to a woman who is spending her retirement fighting to help young people enjoy an inner city park. >> reporter: in a community plagued by violence and crime, cassie has been fighting for decades on behalf of oakland teens. she's a a champion of efforts to restore the teen center to mosswood park, just knock of 580 -- north of 580 in oakland. >> i've been volunteering for 20 some odd years.
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>> reporter: she's trying to shake loose both city money and private grants to refurbish them and help those from 12 to 19 years old. >> i think everybody knows jobs are at the top of the list. i think we need a lot of social services dealing with mental health, working with families and children and schooling. we need to set those programs in motion and have child develop skills so they can do better in school and get their high school dip ploy ma and often -- diploma and move on in life. >> i understand the importance of community centers because i was always in one. i think that's what made the difference for me compared to some of the rest of my friends and the outcome. >> oakland is changing so teens need to be somewhere positive instead of negative. cassie is looking for innovative partnerships, not
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only with the city of oakland but with people with private businesses. >> i come from the civil rights movement of the '60s. i have been an organizers since i was 16. i'm 65 now. that's a long time. if you are gonna do a grassroots campaign movement you have to build it from the bottom up. >> she says young people in oakland have gotten a bad rap because of the violence committed by a view. most, she says, are trying to do their best. she wants to give them the help they need 20 do it. bill martin, ktvu channel 2 news ktvu channel 2 news. >> log onto to learn about all of the nominees. click on the ktvu/tv36 icon. there you can see the nominees
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and vote for the individual who should get $5,000 grant to the charity of their choice. it will also be a nice weekend for folks up there in yosemite. let's check in with steve for the local weather. >> it will be warm to hot. this morning, it was another cooling. had had some 40s -- actually, a some 30s. right now we're looking outside under mostly sunny skies. the wind kicked up at mount tam at 30 miles an hour. there's still some gusts 25 to 30. the headline is cool and warm. the cool is today and torn it
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will be clear -- tonight it will be warm and we'll really heat it up tomorrow. the source of our cool air in the wind is a system which is all the way into nevada but it left behind a very chilly air mass. there's one more little system that has to move into the pacific northwest. higher clouds are gone so we have severe clear, so the visibility is good. so temperatures aren't very warm. you can see only san jose at 70. everyone else is in the 60s. including santa rosa, napa. they were both down to 44 this morning by the way. kenwood was down to 42. 68 degrees there. livermore/concord, 68. palo alto, 68. we do have some 80s in the desert but rather cool up the sacramento valley and redding only 68. you can see a little spin in the atmosphere as that moves into the north. that will keep the high from building in. but then a very strong system there will keepen. that will happen on thursday.
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as it does. friday and saturday, high pressure in the desert set which has been non-- desert which has been nonexistent for a long time, temperatures will be really coming up. overall, breezy to windy at time. strongest wind is on the coast and in some of the highest elevations. temperatures are com. a lot of 60s. but the five-day forecast and a few low to mid-70s today does have fall beginning tonight. this is it for summer. 8:09 p.m. it will be very cold sunny morning. very warm for the weekend, 90s. >> thank you. more than a dozen federal and local agencies are participating in a security threat exercise today at the san francisco international airport. sfo's annual exercise began three days ago. members of different agencies are responding to a simulated
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incident to help prepare them for the possibility of a real threat. among the federal agencies participating with local authorities are the fbi, federal air marshals, the transportation security administration and the u.s. coast guard. a decision may be made this evening about drastic cuts proposed for ac transit bus services. the planned cuts would save more than $12 million by eliminating more than half of the weekend routes and four of the six overnight lines. many people who rely on those services say the cuts will leave them stranded. >> i'm not gonna be able to get to school. it's gonna be -- be hard. >> yesterday, protesters trying to get them to get against the reductions tonight. one board member says he feels their pain but with the district at an impact with mechanics and drivers, it's running out of options. if approved, the cuts would take place 234 december.
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still ahead -- now we know who will be the next judges on the hit fox show "american idol." >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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stocks falling today after a weak revenue forecast from adon'tby systems and and dividends -- and a dividends increase from microsoft that still disappointed investors.
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the dow is down 28. the nasdaq is down 18. the s&p is dune about -- down about 5. the fox network has now officially announced two new "american idol" judges. >> ladies and gentlemen -- [ cheers ] >> this morning, ryan seacrest extended a big welcome to singer and actress, jennifer lopez and rock edgened, steven tyler from aerosmith. they will join randy jackson and replace simon cowell, ellen degeneres and tara diogarurde. election day is six weeks away and tonight, and exclusive look into the race for governor. meg whitman has spent a record- breaking amount of money but is
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it translating into good poll numbers. we'll show you what a field poll says. that story and more much on the next newscast, the ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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